Ryan Kelley is a New York-based writer and filmmaker. Kelley began his career as a journalist covering state and national politics. His research focuses on the often blurred lines that demarcate the American past from the politics of present day. Meticulously researching and deconstructing the social institutions that define the American experience, Kelley’s work seeks to highlight the shared history that binds Americans together.

Kelley’s first feature length documentary, DIXIE, is the result of countless hours of research on the song, a segregationist anthem that has shaped American history for over 150 years. Kelley’s research took him across the country, filming one-of-a-kind interviews and uncovering rare footage for the film, some of which has not been seen for decades.

Kelley lives in New York, where he continues he is currently researching the history of blackface in American culture. In his free time he designs board games, usually with a historical theme. He can be reached at kelleysomnibus@gmail.com